The Google Classroom has been designed to advance the learning practicality of both children and parents from home. This article is going to guide you on what Google classroom is all about and how to make use of it.

Google Classroom

About Google Classroom

Google classroom conserves paper and time and amounts to an easy way to communicate, create classes, stay organized and distribute assignments. You will also have the opportunity to design your own classes in the app in order for you to upload lesson materials and assignments.

You also be able to create your own assignments and projects in the app and you can be able to share them with your kids through email with deadlines if you wish to.

You should know that Google Classroom makes use of Google Documents which means that you are allowed to learn without the use of papers.

How To Use Google Classroom

Google classroom is completely cost free and it can be downloaded and installed from your Google Play app store in your mobile phone. You can also make use of it on your tablet and laptop.

Without much stress, create a folder for every of your children’s subjects. You can also upload tasks and worksheets to all these folders for your children to accomplish.

If you are making use of the Google calendar you can be able to set up deadlines for every task so that both you and your children can keep record of every single thing you are doing.

With this you can be able to keep an eye on which ever thing that has been accomplished and go through late submissions.

Incase you wish to test the knowledge of your children, you have the opportunity create your own quizzes on the Google Forum

How To Create Google Classroom

  •  Go to the website @ You can be able to create a free account with your email address.
  • Set up classes by tapping on the “+” button on the upper right-hand corner then click on “create a class”.
  •  Enter the requirements as asked.
  • You can also be able to add assignments to every one of the classes by tapping on “updates” then click on the “+” button.
  • You can be to add lesson material with your Google Drive. It could either be a YouTube video or worksheets.
  • To invite your children to the class, you will have to sign them into the classroom with the private code you shared with them.

All your lesson materials and assignments will then be saved to every tile and any of the works your children have completed will be saved there also.

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